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I am proud to say the site has almost been brought up to date in terms of content. I began with works from 2008, moving forward from that point on and just started to upload the first of my posts from 2010.

Recently I have a couple new developments to share with you all. First off, a book I was interviewed for and asked to participate in has finally come to publication!. I picked up my copy last week. A hefty tome weighing in at 481 pages. I’m quite proud to have been included amongst some of Toronto’s true graffiti pioneers, an even bigger deal I feel considering I didn’t even move here until I was 18 or 19. The title says it all- TORONTO GRAFFITI . please take the time to have a quick peek at it here=

Secondly, I was recently contacted by a website called SENSES LOST and interviewed. After having just received my book I used this as a chance to say all the things I felt I might have not managed to say with my section in the book. I spent just a little longer on the questions and elaborated a bit more. If you care to get my perspective and learn perhaps a little about me please give it a read. Article here

Not long ago I was contacted by Edward Brown over at the Torontoist and did a short interview, part of their ongoing series of artist profiles. check it out here

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